Privacy Policy

FroydTech, LLC websites (FTL), including (STP) are all under the following policy.

Firstly, we here at FTL and STP are very concerned with the overarching control by web entities, so we want to make sure you have your privacy and can eat it too. The choices you can make about the information collected is hugely important. So, we want to make sure you know how, what, why, and where your info is collected and used.

All of our pages here are set up on STP so that you can access the information all willy-nilly without having to share personally identifying yourself. You don’t have to register, sign up, or give us your name. Even if you comment, you can do so anonymously.

This Privacy Policy specifically applies to STP itself. It’s not applicable to anything else wherever it may appear. This site may link to other sites in the FTL network at times, or others maintained by trusted associates of FTL and SPM (and directly connected to the spirit of the site). However, FTL and STP isn’t responsible for what those sites may or may not do. That’s up to them and you.

Anyway, the types of information we collect here at STP are non-personal: we will collect (through Google Analytics and eventually Google Adwords) information about the technology you use, the location you are surfing from, and the traffic thereof. This is non-personal information that focuses specifically on site performance, and will be used to give you a better experience. Through Google, we make use of Cookies. These pieces of data, placed on your computer, will let us know if you’ve visited before and give us information about time spent on site and things like that.

We may also collect your IP address from our server logs, the type of browser being used, and things of this nature.

WE WILL NEVER SHARE ANY OF THIS INFORMATION EXCEPTING WITH GOOGLE, OR WHEN FORCED BY LAW. Since google is the way we collect the info (analytics/adwords), they are privy to it.

As mentioned above, Google will use cookies to track your use. There are ways to get around this (heck, look for articles coming soon!), but they may or may not share that non-personal information with third parties. FTL has no control over that.

Since we have no methods of collecting personally identifiable information, FTL and STP will do our utmost to protect any information you do voluntarily give us (through comment forms and the likes).

By using STP, you are agreeing your acceptance of this privacy policy and our terms of use. If you’ve got any questions, please use the contact form to let us know!